Let's invite to Japan, 
let's go out to the world.

We will do the best to support
Inbound and Outbond Promotion
for Foreign People.

Utilizing Network of
13 Countries

Supports The Influencers and Talents from all around the world and also advertises for Foreign people.

Expand market sales
to the world.

Not only in Japan,but we support around the world.

Company transform looking for the futureLet`s aim for globalization.

In 2016, The number of foreign people who visited Japan is 2.4 million people. In the Future, Japan and overseas countries will continue acceleration. We Supports for Restaurants, Sightseeing Place and Regional Promotions.

Our Company has good track record of promotion for many companies mainly around Kyushu area.
We propose effective promotion based around Fukuoka also entrance Asia.

Planet Achievements

Promotion of Yakiniku Restaurants for foreign people

Productions also Distribute Video for foreigners.

Video productions using famous Japanese talents in China and Taiwan. Made video productions for the whole world promotions using Ninja. Delivered in SNS.

Promotions for Ramen Shops in Japan and overseas countries

Distribution of video using overseas YouTubers

Create and Distribute Video on YouTube to introduce how to eat in Japanese Using Famous YouTubers for Taiwan.

Nagasaki Lantern Festival 2019

Famous Japanese Talents in China and Taiwan.

Appereances on stage events. Create Chinese video and distribute on SNS.

Introduce various place around Kyushu area by YouTubers from overseas

Introduce sightseeing place in Tsukumi city, Oita Prefecture

Introduce sightseeing place, restaurants and hotel in Fukuoka city area

Appointed YouTubers from 11 Countries.

Alliance of YouTubers In The World.Produce of video in each country version.

video_library 英雄日常(Taiwan)

video_library ArteMaster(Spanish)

video_library Jake Munro(Irish)

Thailand Festival 2019

Booking Thailand and Japanese Idol.

Booking Japanese Idol for Stage Performance.

Thailand Idol SNS Promotions

Promotions using SNS Idol

Introduce Sightseeing place using SNS Idol Group.

[Cross-border EC.]

The Whole World is Market.


Linked SAMURAI BUYER Cross-border. We have trade history in 150 countries.

Lockstin & Gnoggin(America)

Introduce a toy from NINTENDO「Amiibo」. 500 foreign people puechased that.


Introduce Illustrator of Anime. 50 foreign people purchased that.

Cross-border EC for China.

Coming Soon

Business partner.